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Bi-State Glass Coating's Window Shades

No all shades are made alike, and not all were intended for the same use. Bi-State Glass Coatings has over 25 years experience of making sure the intense rays of the sun are kept at bay. In addition to our window tinting services, we recommend high-quality window shades that provide additional light and UV reduction.

Window Shade Gallery

Sheerweave Shades - Interior Sun Control

Natural light can be a beautiful design element with a little sun management. Sheerweave’s light-filtering qualities diffuse light, reduce glare, help control heat and reduce fading

*Made in Alabama USA * Greenguard Certified*Flame Retardant* 30 styles*Durable and Washable

Transparent Mylar Shades

See-through shades offer sun protection and let your windows be used as they were designed. Leave them up when not needed....pull them down for protection from the sun’s damaging rays. Great for homes, retail stores, convenient stores and faculties needing a unobstructed view

*Reduce 74% of Heat * Rejects 90% of annoying glare *Rejects 99% damaging U.V rays